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Scalextric is the electric car racing game for all the family. A large range of Scalextric Sets are available with a variety of cars from Rally to Le Mans and Formula 1 to GT cars. To accompany the sets there is a huge range of additional cars and track accessories are available to expand your set. Although most Scalextric products are 1:32 scale, Scalextric do also produce a range of smaller sets at 1:64 scale called Micro Scalextric. These sets pack the same amount of fun into a smaller package.

The Scalextric Digital system gives you the ability to run up to six cars on a normal two lane track. You can also add great features such as lane changing to you track. Scalextric cars are required to be fitted with a digital chip to be used on a digital track, cars that accompany digital sets come pre chipped. Chipping cars that are DPR (Digital Plug Ready) is just plug and play, it is possible to chip most other cars but it is more difficult.


Enlarge C3705A
Special Edition McLaren F1 2015 Fernando Alonso 2015
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00
Enlarge C3756A
Special Edition McLaren P1 Green
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00
Enlarge C3746A
Special Edition MG MGB Thoroughbread Sports Car Series
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00
Enlarge C3490A
Special Edition Lancia Delta S4 1986 Rally San Remo
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00
Enlarge C3741A
Special Edition Ford XC Falcon 1978 Bathurst 1000
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00
Enlarge C3734A
Special Edition BTCC Honda Civic Type R Matt Neal 2015
(SRP £39.99) Only £36.00