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Avant Slot is a company based in Madrid, Spain. They produce a range of slot cars and spare parts designed for professional slot car racers.  Avant Slot also produce a wide range of accessories designed to work with many slot car systems.

Avant Slot produce a range of 1:24, 1:35 and 1:32 slot cars. In 1:24 scale they have a selection of Rally cars and Quad bikes that are also available in 1:35 scale.

In 1:32 scale, Avant Slot supply a selection of Rally cars and Endurance cars in a wide variety of models and liveries.  Also Avant Slot offer a racing series version of their endurance cars designed for ultimate racing experience on the slot car track.  Also a selection of classic rallye cars will become available.

A unique model from Avant Slot are the 4WD Dakar Trucks in 1:32 scale.  This model have been designed to work a rally style slot car track with high ground clearance suspension.  With the Avant Slot spares a selection of different motors and gears are available with good variation for different types of models.  Also available are tyres, pickups, aluminium wheels and electronic lap counters.