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Cartrix are a slot manufacturer with a fairly modest range of cars but with a massive range of quality spares and tuning parts. The first of their cars were the BMW Z3 and the Porsche Boxster, both of these were available in a startling number of different finishes.  The Hyundai Accent followed and this was the first of the ‘race’ cars produced – with a couple of exceptions all of the previous cars were made as ‘street’ versions.  Again a large number of liveries were made, the rally liveries first, which were followed by street versions – in 2003 alone, no less than fourteen liveries had been produced of this single car!

In 2004 Cartrix tapped into the increased popularity shown in overseas race series generated by computer games like ‘Gran Turismo’ by releasing an outstanding model of the Honda NSX, so far available in three colour schemes and several chassis configurations.  The most recent cars to be made are from the opposite end of the motorsport spectrum, the Mercedes W196 and the Maserati 250F – both models are beautifully presented and very well built.

However, Cartrix models are most at home on the slot circuit, the Accent and NSX are amongst the best performing models available and this performance is available straight from the box.   The range of motors is second to none so if you need to make a favourite car faster, the Cartrix range is the best place to look.


Enlarge CTX0915
1950 Louis Rosier No.15 Talbot Lago British GP
Only £69.95
Enlarge CTX1058-08
Nylon Pinion 8Z (4)
Only £2.05
Enlarge CTX1008
Front Suspension Hyundai Accent
Only £2.90
Enlarge CTX0920
Maserati 250F - 1954 German GP
Only £69.95
Enlarge CTX0916
Talbot Lago - 1950 Johnny Claes No.18 Yellow
Only £69.95
Enlarge CTX0945
Lancia D50 - 1955 Alberto Ascari No.26 Red
Only £69.95