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Since the launch of Fly Car Models in 1996 we have been their distributors. These highly detailed slot cars have fooled many people looking through shop windows into thinking they are looking at die cast models not slot cars. The quality of the early Fly Car Model slot cars raised the bar significantly as to what customers expected from their slot cars.

The cars were not just great looking but very quick on the track too. Fly Car Model produced a huge range of cars from Corvette C5 to Porsche 917 in a huge range of liveries. These cars have become very collectable thanks to their goods looks and limited production numbers.


FLY 79409
Enlarge FLY 79409
Porsche Evo Rear Lights
Was £5.10 now only £1.95
FLY 79413
Enlarge FLY 79413
BMW M3 Rear Lights
Was £5.50 now only £1.95
FLY 79528
Enlarge FLY 79528
Front Axle Hollow Evo2 Performance
Was £1.40 now only £0.50
FLY 79536
Enlarge FLY 79536
Front & Rear Screen Porsche Evo2
Was £0.50 now only £0.25
FLY 79277
Enlarge FLY 79277
Porsche 917 LH ALERON
Was £1.90 now only £0.50
FLY 79418
Enlarge FLY 79418
Pace Car Roof Rear & Brake Lights
Was £9.40 now only £3.95