Scalextric  C1364   American Racers Starter Set


Only £99.95  
Manufacturer: Scalextric
Part Number: C1364
Scale / Type: Slot Cars
Our Code: C1364

Race head to head with two iconic American classics. This set features a Chevrolet Corvette and a Chevrolet Camaro, two speed limiting controllers and a large circuit of track. A great way to race into the world of slot cars.

This set can be extended by using Extension Packs or by using sections from the Scalextric track range.

  • 1 x Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2
  • 1 x Chevrolet Camaro GTR
  • 6 x Radius 2 90° Curve
  • 4 x Radius 2 45° Curve
  • Powerbase
  • Lap Counter
  • 2 x Hand Throttles
  • 4 x Braid Plates
  • Track Support
Car Details:
  • Digital Plug Ready
  • Easy Change Pick-Ups
  • Magnatraction
  • Super-Resistant
  • Lap Counter
  • 4 Multiple Track layouts
  • Speed Limiter hand Controller
  • Space Required: 205 x 147cm
  • Track Length: 484cm

Have you got any old track that you want to keep using? You can buy the Converter Straight which has the old style clips on one end and the new (Sport) style on the other.

Availability: Currently in stock & available to ship


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