Carrera  62474  GO! 1:43 Red Bull Max Power Starter Set


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Manufacturer: Carrera
Part Number: 62474
Scale / Type: Slot Cars
Our Code: CRA62474
Features: - Adventurous Carrera GO !!! Race track Max Power with two slot cars - Carrera GO !!! - Red Bull racecourse with looping, fly-over, bottleneck, intersection and lap counter rail - 5.3 meters - From age 6 Red Bull introduces its team Red Bull Racing gives the two racers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo wings. The two team mates started in the 2016 season with the Red Bull RB 12. Verstappen under the start number 33, Ricciardo with the start number 3. Matching his start number Daniel R. then landed in third place in the World Championship, Max V. finished this season with the fifth place. The teammates deliver a strong duel Like the two red bulls from the Red Bull design, the two racers from the team in this set are also fighting bitterly. The 1:43 Red Bull Racing TAG Heuer RB12 slot cars look very much like their original cars thanks to the Red Bull license. The Carrera GO !!! The 1:43 scale race track has a total length of 5.3 meters and features high-speed straight, looping, fly-over, bottleneck and intersection with you and your opponent. In addition to the two slot cars and the track elements for the racetrack, the set also includes a transformer, two hand controls with a turbo button, a lap counter rail and the accessories for the racetrack. Contents: Red Bull RB12 "M.Shopping, No.33" Art. No. CRA64087 Red Bull RB12 "D.Ricciardo, No.3" Art. No. CRA64095 Bottleneck (2) Art. No. CRA61610 Crossing Art. No. CRA61616 GO !!! Connection rail (2017) Art. No. CRA61666 GO !!! / GO !!! Plus handset (from 2017) Art. No. CRA61663 Lap Counter Rail Fly Over Straight 100 mm (3) / 114 mm (3) Art. No. CRA61658 Curve 1/90 ° (2) Art. No. CRA61603 Straight 342 mm (2) Art. No. CRA61602 Looping Set Art. No. CRA61613 GO !!! Transformer UK
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