AC-13  Track Magic (50ml)


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Part Number: AC-13
Scale / Type: Z / N / TT / HO / OO / O / Gauge 1 / G / Slot Cars / Wargaming
Our Code: DLAC-13

Deluxe Materials Track Magic is a special liquid cleaning fluid for model rail & car metal tracks, electric contacts and wheels. Track Magic works by dissolving, and mobilizing microscopic oily contaminants to leave a clean conducting surface for smooth and steady running.

Track Magic comes with several accessories: a microbrush to clean wheels, power collectors and points, a pad to apply to rail surfaces and a dispensing pipette and beaker. Track magic also works by setting up an invisible protecting film which will resists rust, wear, & corrosion thus minimizing further track maintenance.

In summary it

  • Maximizes conductivity & reliability.
  • Works in low power/ confined space situations.
  • Revives & protects old electric contacts & improves new ones.
  • Is safe on foam, acrylic and enamel paint.
  • Is ideal for both digital and analogue control systems

EXPORT CUSTOMERS - Please note due to this products flammable nature we are unable to ship this item to areas outside the UK

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CLICK HERE to view an article on how to use Track Magic.

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