NSR  1010AW-R  Mosler MT900R EVO2 Lwrd AW King 21K Ultralight Body Kit


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Manufacturer: NSR
Part Number: 1010AW-R
Scale / Type: Slot Cars
Our Code: NSR1010AW-R
Thanks to Anglewinder, Inline and Sidewinder configurations, the Mosler is suited for any competition around the World. The NSR Mosler MT900R is the most competitive 1/32nd scale model. With the Mosler NSR wanted to build an highly performing model, a technological concentration of parts to be competitive straight out of the box. The motor is King EVO 21 which has 21400 rpm @ 12 Volts 322 gr/cm. The guide spacers allow the best front ground clearance according to any kind of track. Spare parts make the Mosler suited of any kind of track. The special aluminium rims with AIR SYSTEM technology, along with soft compound tyres, give an exceptional grip on any kind of track surface. 3/32” 60 HRC steel axles Low profile no-friction front tires Rear tires made with 3 different compounds Standard or w/screw guide with two blade lengths Ultralight body shell The Porsche 997 was created in the streamline of the Mosler GT project which has dominated in the GT top class either in National and International competitions since it was born in 2006. In according with our NSR philosophy, we have worked to obtain the best performances without any compromise. The NSR Porsche 997 is the most competitive 1/32nd scale model. Racing NSR organises endurance races in any Country where NSR exports cooperating with National Distributors and involving either professional drivers then any enthusiastic fan. All NSR cars are produced and tested exclusively into NSR Factory and only.
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