Policar  CAR06A  Ferrari 330 P4 No.21 2nd Le Mans 1967 Scarfiotti/Parkes


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Manufacturer: Policar
Part Number: CAR06A
Scale / Type: Slot Cars
Our Code: POLCAR06A
The Ferrari 330 P4 epitomizes the glorious racing era of the '60s. Arguably the most beautiful racing car ever built and possibly the most admired today in the rare public outings of the surviving models. Stung by the famous Ferrari 1-2-3 in Daytona, Ford had come to Le Mans sparing no effort: 10 Ford cars were lined up against 8 Ferraris. For 1967, the engine of the 330 P4 was extensively redesigned by Franco Rocchi, with three valves per cylinder and Lucas injection, but it turned out that at Le Mans swift handling was no replacement for displacement on the long Mulsanne straight. At the end of the 24 hour battle, the Ferrari 330 P4 driven by Ludovico Scarfiotti and Mike Parkes could not match the speed of the winning Ford MK IV of Dan Gurney and A.J.Foyt, the sole Ford to take reach the finish line. As a slot car, the old Policar model of the 330 P4 was extremely popular and still graces today the shelves of many collectors. The link between the old Policar, the new Policar model, and the original Ferrari P4 doesn't end here: Franco Rocchi was the mentor of the graduation thesis of Maurizio Ferrari, one of the driving forces behind the resurrection of the POLICAR Italian slot car brand. It is therefore with justified excitement that we announce the availability of the Policar Ferrari P4 from June 2019..
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