Slot It  MX15  V12/4-21k RPM Motor (No Pinion or Cable)


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Manufacturer: Slot It
Part Number: MX15
Scale / Type: Slot Cars
Our Code: SIMX15
The motors come in three different shapes: traditional V12 type, longer ‘Boxer’ type, or’s own ‘Flat-6’. ‘Inline’ means the motor axle is perpendicular to the rear axle. An ‘inline’ motor can be either ‘endbell inline’ or ‘can inline’ if the pinion is either mounted near the plastic end bell or on the other end of the motor, the metal can.‘Sidewinder’ means that the motor runs parallel to the rear axle, i.e. transversely, and the pinion side discriminates between an ‘endbell sidewinder’ or a ‘can sidewinder’ like it does for inline motors. The V12 motors features a double axle, which makes it a universal motor upgrade for cars of most makers, be it endbell or can inline or sidewinder of both types. Furthermore, a special ‘RX’ adapter is available, to upgrade cars with such a ‘RX’ motor to a V12 one. The ‘Boxer’ type motors are an ideal upgrade for the bigger motors found on some slot cars. They can also be used as inline or ‘anglewinder’. The FLAT-6 is a revolutionary new concept in slot car racing motors. It is a custom-built motor designed both to be compatible with the existing Boxer/NC type motor pods, and to take advantage of a lower centre of gravity when used in the special motor pods, due to its ‘slim’ form, that also make it possible using it in anglewinder configuration under streamlined LMP racers like’s Audi R8C, Lola LMP and Audi R18 TDI. It comes with two magnet variants: standard, which is the strong magnet found in the V12/3 and Boxer/2, and Race ‘R’, with a custom built magnet to pack outstanding torque and braking in the motor’s flat case.
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