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Ninco have recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, this long established brand produce a wide variety of slot car related products from cars to track to starter sets.

They produce three ranges of cars. The Ninco 1 Range are resilient cars that have blacked out windows and no interiors, the Ninco S Range are highly detailed slot cars for the collector and racer alike, lastly the Ninco Lightning Range are upgraded existing cars aimed at the club and serious home racer alike.

As well as cars Ninco also produce a highly regarded track system, this is available in the form of both starter sets and individual track pieces. The sets come in huge variety of different layouts all including a large amount of track. They also produce an analogue four lane track system that is unique in the market.


Enlarge NNC10209
Inner Border for R3 Outer Curve (6)
Only £12.75
Enlarge NNC10211
Inner Border for R4 Grand Curve (6)
Only £12.75
Enlarge NNC10701
LOOSE PIECE Small Support (10221)
Was £2.15 now only £0.95
Enlarge NNC10702
LOOSE PIECE Medium Support (10221)
Was £2.15 now only £0.95
Enlarge NNC10703
LOOSE PIECE Large Support (10221)
Was £2.15 now only £0.95
Enlarge NNC10605
LOOSE PIECE R2 Standard Curve (10105)
Was £8.00 now only £3.95