A slot car layout does not have to be just pieces of track set up on a living room floor, however with a little work it can be transformed from basic starter set into a superb model raceway by the use of a base board and various scenic materials. By adding a wooden base it will give you a more solid base to work with to create your ideal raceway also you can create realistic grass effects using grass mats or scatter materials with the addition of bushes, trees and other foliage for a more lifelike layout.

You can also add details such as lighting inside buildings and on the raceway circuit and people such as spectators, marshals and pit crew. Additional kit built or broken slot cars can always be added around the layout to give the illusion that it is a fully working raceway with not just two slot cars going around the track.

With just a few minor details any slot car track can become an exciting miniature world complete with your own realistic raceway.

Here are some examples of scenic slot layouts:

Terry’s 1:32 Racing Circuit
Max’s 1:64 Scenic Raceway